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The mission of Fairview Baptist Church is to glorify God by making disciples.


Prayer Shaw Ministry

The Fairview Baptist Church Prayer Shawl Ministry is devoted to crocheting and knitting shawls and hats to donate to the Regional Cancer Center at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital as well as at request to members in our community suffering from cancer.  Our mission is to spread the love and message of Christ to those going through what may be the darkest and most despairing days of their lives in order to encourage, minister to, and uplift these individuals and remind them that people in the community, at Fairview Baptist, are praying for their recovery and well-being and that there is a loving God they can turn to for healing, strength, and support.  Attached to each shawl is a card with a prayer for healing.  Each shawl is prayed over as it is made.  Prior to delivery, each shawl is blessed by the group and wrapped in ribbons.  We average a donation of 10 shawls per month (including hats) and currently have 9 members in the ministry but always welcome anyone else interested to join.